truck day!!!

Today is TRUCK DAY!!

Screen shot 2012-02-11 at 9.16.30 AM.png

Truck Day you ask? If you regularly read my blog, you probably already know all about Truck Day unless…
1. You skipped reading my past Truck Day posts
2. You decided that Truck Day info was not that important to remember
3. You really could care less about baseball and Truck Day

SO, if you are new to my blog or you want a review, let me explain what Truck Day is all about.

Truck Day is the symbolic beginning of a new baseball season. It is the day when a big truck gets packed up full of baseball supplies (bats, balls, and all sorts of other baseball things, except of course actual baseball players). Fans, young and old, cheer the truck on as it departs Fenway around noon to begin the 1,480 mile drive down to the Red Sox spring training complex in the City of Palms Park in Fort Myers, Florida.

Here is a cute video that explains Truck Day …

What is so exciting about Truck Day you ask?

Truck Day means baseball season is about to begin!!!!

…and this year it also means a new beginning for the Red Sox after a horrible ending last year. GO RED SOX!!!!

For more on Truck Day, including photo galleries of the past few years, click here and to view a Truck Day video from one of my previous Truck Day posts, click here.

Happy Truck Day everyone!!! :)

5 thoughts on “truck day!!!

  1. I guess I fall into category 3…sort of. I could care less about baseball (I confess and duck for cover! haha) but this truck day phenomenon intrigues me! What a fun way for fans to celebrate a new beginning, very cool.


  2. Yay Truck Day! AND to update… pitchers and catchers have reported along with many position players already arriving.
    menehune, let’s hope so! I am staying positive.
    Anne, you crack me up! Glad I can keep you interested even though baseball is not your thing.


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