more of friday in Venice (2011 trip)

Friday, June 10th (cont.):
Once again, I got back on the vaporetto (gotta love the vaporetto pass!) and headed back from the San Stae vaporetto stop to my B&B, taking more photos along the way.

I love this little building…


This guy made me laugh. I don’t think he knew anyone on the vaporetto. He was just waving wildly as we rode by.


It was a beautiful day with lots of people hanging out enjoying the weather and scenery.


The Rialto area…


More views on the Grand Canal…


Grom was conveniently located steps from my B&B. Hard to resist, so I stopped for a quick gelato on my way. Yum!


After changing clothes, I was back on a vaporetto, heading to the train station to meet Sandra. I think it was while I was on the vaporetto that I got a text from Sandra saying she was running late. Our original plan was to spend a bit of time in Padova before our reservation for the Scrovegni Chapel. Instead, we decided to take a later train. Not a problem for me as I spent a couple of days in Padova years ago. This just meant more time hanging out in Venice.

While on that vaporetto, I remember these silly girls from Israel flirting with this cute vaporetto worker, trying to find out the cool places to hang out at night and a good place to grab a bite to eat for lunch. The problem was that it was past lunchtime and they did not speak much Italian. I can’t remember the entire conversation now, but I do remember the chaos they were causing. It was quite entertaining.

I got off at the Cà D’Oro stop and wandered through the Cannaregio sestiere.


Cool collection of statues, fountains, etc…


Peaceful little campo…


I have always been intrigued with this teatro…


Canal in the Jewish Ghetto


Campo di Ghetto Nuovo


Heading to the train station…


Next up – Friday ~ a visit to Padova!

3 thoughts on “more of friday in Venice (2011 trip)

  1. *sigh*…oh how your photos take me back to Venice! Absolutely stunning. Thank you SO much for the wonderful photo journey these last posts…can’t wait for Padova!! (I haven’t yet been to that city, so looking forward to seeing it through your eyes)


  2. Hi Girasoli, you really had wonderful weather during your visit. Your photos are beautiful. I really wish I did more exploring in Cannaregio. It had the fewest tourists and more locals. That was an interesting place where they had the statues and fountains.
    Thanks so much for sharing more of your experiences and photos.


  3. Thanks Anne & Kathy :)
    I just happened to stumble on the bunch of statues, etc. If I am remembering correctly, they were inside this area where I could peek in through some sort of barrier but am not positive now. I would have loved to know more about that place.


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