views from above (2011 trip)

Saturday, June 11th:
Saturday was my last full day in Venice. I got an early start on the day, skipping breakfast at my B&B, although Wenyu insisted on making me a quick espresso and giving me a brioche to take on the go. My goal was to try to get to Piazza San Marco before the hordes of tourists arrived. This is the best time of day to enjoy this amazing piazza.

I took a bunch of photos and then decided to go to the top of the Campanile (bell tower). I have only been to the top of this bell tower once before, back in 1999 during my first visit to Venice. I was one of the first people in line, got right up to the top, and then spent about 90 minutes enjoying the view and taking photos.


I took too many photos to share in a blog post so I decided to make a video my photos instead. **I’ve recently updated this video, using clips from iMovie Sound Effects. I also trimmed the video (shortening it by about a minute) by taking out photos that were redundant. It really was too long!

I probably would have stayed longer but towards the end of my time up in this cool bell tower, the skies turned black and the cold wind started whipping through the windows. Most of us were not dressed for this change in the weather. Everyone jumped in line to take the elevator back down. I had to wait a little bit for my turn. Meanwhile, I took photos of the bells.

As you will notice, the skies were pretty ominous by the time I made it back to the vaporetto. I made it back to my B&B just in time before the skies opened up. Not sure if you can see the rain in the last photo, the view from my room at my B&B.

I did quite a bit on my last full day in Venice.

Next up – Saturday afternoon in Venezia ~ a visit to the little narrow house

8 thoughts on “views from above (2011 trip)

  1. Hi Girasoli, I really enjoyed your video a lot. The photos you took are beautiful. The clouds did look ominous. Glad you made it back to your B&B just in the nick of time.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to your next post. Have a great weekend.


  2. Wow, that video is fantastic (and I loved the music you chose as well.) Your photos, as always, are just wonderful. I had forgotten how nasty that day turned out to be, with so much cloud and rain. Still, you make it look beautiful!


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