welcome to my new blog!

E komo mai!  Benvenuto!  Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog!

I have decided to move my slow travel blog over to WordPress.

This is still a work in progress…

So far, I have completed my about me page and I have finally figured out how to make a blogs & links page.

WordPress definitely has a little learning curve!

*UPDATED May 2016 ~ I’ve made some more changes ~ a new theme!!

To navigate my new site:

~ click on a cube to read a post

~ once you are finished reading a blog post, you can either click the back arrow on your browser, click on my blog title (shave ice & gelato) to go back to the home page, or click the left or right arrow at the bottom to see the next post

~ for more info such as: about me, blog links, search, categories, tags, archives, copyright, etc. click on the three little lines up in the top right corner and then scroll down

~ blank cubes mean there are no photos in the post (like this one)

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