happy truck day 2014!

Today is TRUCK DAY!!!

Truck Day marks the symbolic start of a new Red Sox season. It is a tradition, which began in 2003. This is the day when the Red Sox moving van loads up all of the equipment at Fenway Park and then takes the 1,467-mile trek down to the Red Sox spring training complex in the City of Palms Park in Fort Myers, Florida.

According to NESN and a press release, here’s what the truck will be carrying this year:
-20,400 baseballs
-1,100 bats
-200 batting gloves
-200 batting helmets
-320 batting practice tops
-160 white game jerseys
-300 pairs of pants
-400 T-shirts
-400 pairs of socks
-20 cases of bubble gum
-60 cases of sunflower seeds

Happy Truck Day!
Both photos come from WEEI and are linked.

Here’s a little video of the truck leaving Fenway…

7 days until pitchers & catchers report.
19 days until the first Spring Training game.
51 days until the the first game! (Red Sox vs. Orioles @ Camden Yards)
and 55 days until home opening day! (Red Sox vs. Brewers @ Fenway Park)

Baseball is almost here!!!

GO SOX!!!!

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