It’s hot and humid here in Hawaii today. Makes me want some gelato!!

If I was in Bologna right now, my big decision would be either enjoying some nocciola e pistacchio gelato (hazelnut & pistachio) from La Cremeria Funivia


… or some pistacchio e caffé gelato (pistachio & coffee) from GROM.

Italy Trip 2009, Bologna, Italy


4 thoughts on “gelato

  1. Do they have nocciola e caffé? That would be my dream combo!

    I like the look of your new blog…also very jealous of your heat right now, am damn sick of winter, enough with the snow already! lol


    1. Hi Anne,

      GROM has nocciola but it is not as good as their pistacchio and their caffé. La Cremeria Funivia has amazing nocciola but I believe their caffé has chocolate in it and I can’t have chocolate, otherwise that would be my dream combo also!

      Glad you like my new blog :) Wish I could send some warm weather your way!


  2. Ciao Girasoli, I just found your new blog and have some catching up to do! It looks wonderful, and of course your photos are always great (these are especially mouth-watering!)


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