more of Saturday in Venice (2011 trip)

As I wrote in my last 2011 Italy trip report post (June 2012) – “It just may take a few years!!” to get my trip report finished. I really did not intend for it to take two more years! Life just got in the way. I last wrote about my visit to the Arsanale.

Continuing on…

Saturday, June 11th (cont.):
After leaving the Arsanale area, I took the vaporetto, went back to Piazza San Marco for one more quick look, and then hopped back on the vaporetto and headed over to take a peek inside the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. I visited this church during my very first trip to Venice.


It was really hot that afternoon. I stopped for a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed OJ at this little caffè right by church.


After my OJ, I decided to explore the area around the church before heading back to my B&B. I was so surprised when I stumbled upon this building.


I almost didn’t recognize it at first until I read the sign (Rio De S. Pantalon), because the color of the building has changed over the years


I have a photo of this same building on my wall. I took it during my 2006 trip to Italy. As you can see, the paint color has changed over the years.


I continued to take photos as I wandered around…


I eventually, ended up at the train station. I have walked by this church a number of times since it is located right next to the train station.


I went inside the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth for the first time.


After leaving the church, I realized that it was getting late. I needed to get back to my B&B to meet Sandra for our last dinner in Venice. I hopped on a vaporetto and enjoyed the views as I headed back to my B&B.

Next up – Saturday ~ leaving Venice/heading to Bologna

One thought on “more of Saturday in Venice (2011 trip)

  1. Hi Girasoli, I’m so glad that you are continuing to write about your trip. I love your photos. Venice is such a beautiful and unique city to photograph. I could spend a month there and not get bored. How awesome is that to have stumbled upon a photography subject from years before. You have such a great eye. I would have totally missed it if it had been me.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos.


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