an unexpected water taxi ride (2011 trip)

Continuing with my 2011 Italy trip…

Sunday, June 12th:
Sunday morning, I enjoyed my last breakfast at B&B Fujiyama, said thank you and goodbye to Carlo & Wenyu, and headed out catch a morning vaporetto with Sandra. The walk to the vaporettto stop was only 5 or 10 minutes away.

As we waited with four other people, it took us a few minutes to realize that the vaporetti were not running that day! How did I not know that a very special event was happening? How did I not plan for this and stay in Venice one extra day? I found out later on that the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics was taking place that day. This event only takes place once every four years in Venice, and I was there!

We noticed only water taxis and a few other small boats going by. Sandra & I started to panic a bit since we had a reservation on a Eurostar train and needed to get to the train station pronto!

I called Carlo & Wenyu to see if they knew what was happening. Meanwhile, the other people who were waiting with us tried to stop one of the water taxis motoring by. The water taxi drivers told us that they could not just stop and pick up people at a vaporetto stop. Some sort of rule, I guess.

I can’t remember exactly what happened – if the taxi that finally stopped to pick us up was sent by Carlo & Wenyu or just a nice water taxi driver who finally took pity on us stopped, but we all shared a taxi ride to the train station and arrived with time to spare!

This was my first ever water taxi ride. It was wonderful! Definitely the way to go!


Arrivederci Venezia!


It was so nice spending time in Venice with Sandra and it was great to be able to take the train together. We helped each other with our luggage, had a wonderful chat, shared photos, and then my train arrived in Bologna. It was very pleasant Eurostar train ride. When we arrived in Bologna, we said our goodbyes as I departed. Sandra remained on the train, traveling on to Umbria.

I caught a taxi to the address I was given to my apartment in Bologna for the next 10 nights. It was located in a wonderful spot not far from Piazza Maggiore. Here’s the view from my apartment window.

Next up – Sunday & Monday in Bologna

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