turtles & a bird

We saw 3 turtles in the water while we were at Papa’iloa Beach yesterday. They never came up on the shore and I was only able to get a couple of shots of one of the turtles out in the water. It was fun watching them frolicking in the waves as they enjoyed their day!

I also enjoyed watching this interesting bird hanging out on the rocks by the edge of the shore. Each time the waves would break, the bird would run towards the sand. I think it was some sort of sandpiper bird but I am really not sure. I have seen this bird before at other beaches on Oahu. Anyone able to identify it?

4 thoughts on “turtles & a bird

    1. Thanks, Jerry! I have often been there when the turtles have come much closer or even up on the sand! The waves were pretty rough that day, so I think that may have been the reason they did not come up on the beach. I used my “spy lens” to snap those photos :)


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