Thursday, June 16th:
On Thursday, I had another Italian lesson with Andrea in the morning and then he made me a delicious pasta with pesto and a caprese salad for lunch.

After lunch, we drove to medieval village of Dozza! Dozza is famous for the paintings on the walls of the buildings up and down the streets of the village.

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After we walked though the village, I visited the Castle Rocca Sforzesca.

Inside the castle:

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Views from the top of the Torre Maggiore:

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As a tower climber, I am not sure this counts as much of a tower climb but the views were very cool!. I do remember how vicious the birds were. They kept flying right towards me and freaked me out a bit.

On our way back to Bologna, we stopped in the little town of Castel San Pietro Terme for a gelato. I only took a few photos as my hands were busy with my yummy gelato. _MG_8502 _MG_8504
I may have to go back to Castel San Pietro Terme one day to climb this tower. _MG_8508

Another wonderful day spent with Andrea learning Italian and visiting more of Italy.

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