morning in Bologna, train ride & airport hotel (2011 trip)

Wednesday, June 22nd:
Wednesday was my last morning in Bologna.

My morning started off by discovering a big black scorpion hiding under the bath mat when I was getting out of the shower. As someone who pretty much freaks out over bugs, I was not too excited about this surprise but I was grateful that I was not stung. I did scream a bit though.

I booked a reservation for an early afternoon train to the Malpensa Airport. After showering and packing, I headed out to enjoy one last walk to Piazza Maggiore.


I also walked through the food market one more time and then headed over to the Cremeria Funivia for one more gelato.

While walking back to my apartment, I called a taxi company to order a taxi. Speaking on the phone in Italian is one of my biggest challenges. I can’t remember exactly what the problem was but I was not very successful. I do remember that the woman was not very nice.

I stopped into the no name place where I ordered the yummy caprese salad on Tuesday and asked if someone could please help me order a taxi. While the very nice young man spoke to the taxi company, I ordered another caprese salad to eat during my train ride to the Malpensa Airport.

My reservation was on the Frecciarossa high-speed direct train from Bologna to Malpensa (with one stop in Milano). It really was a wonderful convenience.

A photo of the train when we arrived at Malpensa…


The signs were well marked from the train tracks to the arrival area. I was a little surprised as water started misting down while I walked through this big empty space in the airport, so much so that I took a photo!


Here’s one more airport photo.


I waited at one of the arrival gates (where I was directed to wait) for my shuttle ride to Hotel Villa Delle Rose

I believe this is the 4th Malpensa hotel I have booked and definitely the one I will book for all future trips. I was very happy with this hotel. Prompt shuttle rides, friendly staff, nice single room, quiet at night, free wifi, and not bad food for an airport hotel.

This was my room…


The bathroom (in my room)…


and my dinner…


Thursday, June 23rd:
Here was my breakfast the next morning:


I flew from Malpensa to Newark. When I arrived in Newark, Kim picked me up. I no longer recall all of the details but remember a mix up with the terminals and poor Kim driving around a few times before finally finding me.

I had a wonderful stay with Kim and her family (the second time I have stayed with her on my layover flying back home). I will never be able to thank her enough for her kindness!

Friday, June 24th:
The next morning, I Kim had all kinds of choices ready for me when I came down for breakfast. She drove me back to the airport for my final flight (Newark to Honolulu) home.

So… there you have it! My 2011 trip to Italy!

4 thoughts on “morning in Bologna, train ride & airport hotel (2011 trip)

  1. Hi Girasoli, yikes on the scorpion. I don’t blame you for screaming. Bologna sounds like a great town to visit. The hotel near the airport looks first class. I’d bookmark that too. Thank you so much for posting your 2011 trip. I’ll have to go back and make sure that I’ve caught up with your posts and photos of your trip. When will you be returning?


  2. I’m super glad to know I’m not the only one who takes years to find time to post about my trips! I think I’m two trips behind now…lol Bologna looks and sounds incredible! I’ve been wanting to visit there for a while…although there are so many places on my Italy list that I will never get to all of them in this lifetime! I hope to return to Italy next year (thank goodness I have a generous mother who loves to travel!)

    I did not know there were scorpions in central Italy…the horror, the horror…


    1. Hi Anne!

      I realized when catching up on my last trip that I still did not finish the trip before that! Someday…

      I’m so happy to hear that you will be traveling to Italy again next summer! :)

      I was also surprised to find out that there are scorpions in Bologna!


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