life has kept me busy!!

I have neglected my blog for a long time now…


I have officially signed my retirement papers
I have 42 more school days left
3 more IEPs to do (for the rest of my life!!!!)
I have been busy fixing up my place getting it ready to sell
I donated boxes and boxes of items
I have found homes for many of my pieces of furniture
And I have packed & shipped 45 boxes to Colorado!

At last, I have a little time to breathe before…

The second round of packing & shipping the rest of the stuff I want to take with me
Donating more items
Finding homes for the rest of my furniture
Selling my car
Cleaning my place and hopefully being in escrow by the time I leave

…and then getting on that plane.

I’m still here, just been busy…


4 thoughts on “life has kept me busy!!

  1. Hi Girasoli, Wow! Congrats on signing your official retirement papers and getting a good deal on your airfare. Going first class to start your new life chapter is fabulous! Good luck with selling your car and house. Hope you get a lot of money for them.


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