1st day of retirement…

It has been a whirlwind past couple of months. My last day of work finally arrived last Friday. It was very strange closing my classroom door for the last time. I spent 16 years in that room. No more Sunday night blues because no more work on Monday! It was so wonderful sleeping in this morning, not worrying about the morning traffic, and then being able to enjoy a leisurely cup cappuccino and breakfast.

After a trip to the post office to mail more boxes (I am now up 69 boxes through the USPS & 1 box through FedEx), I drove into town for an acupuncture appointment and then decided to check out the surf at Diamond Head Lookout.  I left my good camera in Steamboat over the winter break, so I dusted off my Canon G9 this morning and also had my iPhone with me. After taking some photos up at the top, I walked down to the beach below for the first time. Very cool beach!!

I stood on that beach with a huge grin on my face. I have no regrets. Retirement is wonderful! What a glorious first official day of retirement.

One thought on “1st day of retirement…

  1. Hi Girasoli,

    Congratulations! Wow and what a fantastic way to spend your first day of Retirement! Lucky you. Everyone I know who is retired absolutely love it so I’m not surprised to ready your post. I’ll be joining you all next July 2016. I could’ve retired last June but I wanted to retire at my highest pay level which means I need to stay until 2016 which is 414 days away. :)

    I want to wish you a very happy retirement! I’m looking forwarding to reading about your new chapter in a new home.


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