driving to Denver on my own

On Monday, I drove down to Denver in my new cool Subaru Crosstrek all by myself! I was a little nervous, but thanks to Waze, my GPS app, it was very easy! The traffic in Denver is nothing like the traffic on Oahu, so that part was not difficult either. The views on the drive were incredible! I knew in my heart as I made the drive down that Colorado is definitely where I am meant to be at this point in my life.

I loved being in Denver for the day with so many stores! It was like being in a candy shop as I walked into each new store. There just was not enough time. It’s important to get back before dark to avoid deer on the road. I did see two deer and an antelope on my drive home though.

Driving back home was a little scary during the hour or so downpour with ponding on the roads but the reward was an amazing full double rainbow. A couple of other people pulled over to take a photo. I did the same. The rainbow was so huge that I could not get it all in one shot with my iPhone. I put these two photos together using photoshop, adding some color in the frame. The rainbow was so vivid! No editing was done to the two actual photos.

double rainbow

One thought on “driving to Denver on my own

  1. Hi Girasoli, that’s a beautiful rainbow. Glad to see that you’ve settled in and beginning to explore around. Love your photos.


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