summer Mount Werner photos

One of the benefits of a ski pass is free gondola rides on Mount Werner during the summer.

Views from mid mountain of the valley…
and the town…
views of the ski runs
majestic mountains
hiking trails
_MG_7707 _MG_7718
ski lifts
_MG_7713 _MG_7714_MG_7737
gondola building
view of gondola cars from my ride down
my walk back home

4 thoughts on “summer Mount Werner photos

  1. Hi Girasoli, wow Lucky you. Is this near your house? You’re so lucky to live is such a beautiful place with so many outdoor recreational activities for all seasons at your doorstep. Hope your transition has been going well and you’re enjoying your retirement. I can’t wait to be there myself.


    1. Hi Kathy,

      Five minute car/bus ride or 10 minute walk to the base of the ski mountain! Yes, I am very lucky!! I have a beautiful view of the mountain from my windows. I am loving my retirement! Been very busy with renovations, which are finally almost done! It’s starting to definitely cool down, so the big test begins for me. Are you coming to visit? Cool!! Let me know when!!


      1. What a beautiful place and you live so close to the mountains and ski resorts. Glad your transition is going very well. I have never been to Colorado. It’s been one of my bucket list places in the US to visit. My niece & her husband go to snowboard. Her husband went to school there and they’ve even talked about moving there. I’m not sure where they go, probably near the ski resorts because they like to snow board. If I finally get there, I would totally let you know. Would be cool to finally meet.


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