another fall walk

A few days after taking photos of the fall leaves up on Mount Werner, the leaves started turning down in the valley. It was a beautiful day outside. I went for a walk along the bike path not far from my house..

_MG_8070 _MG_8073_MG_8081_MG_8082_MG_8083_MG_8094

Then I turned down Pine Grove Road. This next photo is a shot of the famous Steamboat barn._MG_8119

After walking a little further and crossing Mount Werner Road, I took the road that goes by the fire station and then headed back to my place. As I walked towards the fire station, I stumbled onto the yearly fire hose testing event. Three fire fighters, all of whom I found out were the rookies, were at one end doing all of the work, shooting water out of each of the hoses. At first I was not sure if they saw me and did not want to have water shot at me. Once I knew they saw me, I continued on. I stopped and chatted with them for a few minutes. I thought the hoses looked pretty cool all spread out down the road. They reminded me of a rainbow.                     _MG_8124 _MG_8125_MG_8127_MG_8136_MG_8128_MG_8130_MG_8137_MG_8140

What a beautiful day!

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