the barn, the mountain & more snow

I took these 2 photos last Christmas Eve right before sunset. The sky was so pretty and everything was so white. On our next sunny day, this is what it will look like once again.
IMG_5178 IMG_5176
As of this morning, 351 inches of snow have fallen on the mountain.  The snow piles at one point earlier in the year reached the second floor balconies before everything started to melt a bit.

Yesterday was the first day I saw a few tiny patches of green grass trying to peek out. It reminded me of a black and white photo with just a few specks of green in the photo. I guess the green grass will have to wait though as it is dumping out again right now.

The snow flakes that are falling are huge! I love to watch it snow. It is so pretty! I tried to capture just how big the snowflakes are right now as I look out my window. Not a very good job but you can sort of see some of the flakes.
Looking at the mountain cam, it looks like 3-4 inches have already fallen in the last hour or two. Tomorrow is going to be another powder day in the boat!

I’ve been pretty spoiled with some great snow for skiing this year.  Twelve more days until the mountain closes. Then I will be ready for the snow to stop.

I think I have adjusted quite well to the change from living in the tropics to living in a mountain town in the Rockies. I have been very lucky. Both are very beautiful places to live!

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