crazy good skiing today

Today was probably my most favorite day of skiing this year. April 1st and the skiing is still epic! Not only do I enjoy skiing, but the scenery is breathtaking. Photos just don’t represent just how amazing the views are but they can give you a taste…

Here is a view from the top. IMG_4956My skiing has improved quite a bit this year. I’m still not a pretty skier, but I can ski black tree runs now that are not too super steep like the double black diamond runs. I only do this though when I am with someone else as my sense of direction is not the greatest. I get lost at the mall, so who knows where I would end up if I was skiing the trees on my own!IMG_4973This next photo shows the sign of our favorite run of the day ~ Skeeter’s Run. IMG_4961 Here’s a photo of the run. The snow was super soft on this run & you can’t beat the view!IMG_4960 And here’s a photo I took while riding up the Bar U E lift. IMG_4976

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