mud season

This is my first experience with mud season. I have been worried that this would be the one time of year, I would not enjoy it much here. I envisioned mud everywhere! I even bought some Bogs rain/snow boots just for this season. Not much mud around yet though. Just a very peaceful town with all of the tourists gone. I’m really surprised how much I am loving mud season.

Such a beautiful day outside today…the snow is melting, the river is roaring, the grass is green, and the air smells so fresh! People are out on bikes, skateboards, scooters. Kids are swinging on swings. I even busted out my chacos for the first time this year. Life is good. IMG_5532IMG_5531IMG_5533On a sad note… the world has lost another incredibly talented musician this year.
Rest in peace, Prince 💜.

2 thoughts on “mud season

  1. Hi Girasoli, you live in a place that’s so beautiful in all seasons. I was so shocked and sad to hear the news about Prince. RIP Prince.

    I think I may be visiting Colorado. It’s a work conference in Vail. We’re putting in the paperwork for pre-approval next week. If it is approved, I’ll send you a message. If you have time, maybe you can come hang with us. We’re a fun group. :)


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