fall colors & snow!

Last Friday & Saturday we had our first snowfall of the season up on the mountain. It is still September! No snow at my house yet, but there is talk of snow again next week.

The skies turned blue on Sunday & I went up on the mountain to enjoy the amazing views. Here are some of my favorite photos…  (click on any photo to start a slideshow)

At one point, three deer came jumping out of the woods right in front of me! They even stopped and stared at me for a couple of minutes as I stood very quietly. Unfortunately, I did not have my zoom lens with me. Here are a couple of photos I cropped.

fall snow hike on the mountain Steamboat, Colorado, September, 2016
fall snow hike on the mountain Steamboat, Colorado, September, 2016

Last week, I was standing in snow with fall leaves all around me. Two weeks ago, I was standing in the warm Hawaiian ocean with my sister.

I will post a few photos of my trip next. Happy Friday everyone!

One thought on “fall colors & snow!

  1. That’s so funny that the deer stopped and looked at you as he was crossing. Maybe he wanted to say hi! What a contrast, snow and pacific ocean and sandy beach. You are living a wonderful life. Keep having fun.


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