a quick trip to Oahu

I flew back to Oahu for a week in September. On my first flight from Denver to San Francisco,  I sat in a window seat, which is rare for me. Here are two photos I took while flying over the mountains in Colorado.

And here are two photos as we approached San Francisco…

I spent most of my time with my family, watching Red Sox games with my dad, and visiting friends. I also got the chance to stop by my school one day. It was so nice to spend time with everyone again.

I did get the chance to drive up to the North Shore with my sister on one occasion. We had a wonderful time watching ten turtles swim in the ocean close to the shore at Laniakea Beach.

We also stopped at Waiamea Bay beach for a few minutes. Here are a couple of photos of this beautiful beach.

I was treated to a beautiful sunset while waiting at the airport for my flight back to Denver.

sunset at the airport Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, September, 2016

2 empty seats next to me! on the plane, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, September, 2016

When I selected my seat for this flight, there was an empty seat between myself and the passenger sitting by the window. My hope was that this seat stayed empty. My row was closer to the back of the plane, which I hoped would give me a better chance for that seat to stay empty.

As I sat on the plane nervously watching people approach my row, they ended up sitting in rows right in front of me or continued on past my row. Then, right before the doors shut, the guy in my row by the window got up, took his luggage with him, and apparently found a different seat closer to the front of the plane. How lucky was I? I ended up with both seats next to me being empty for the long overnight flight. It was better than sitting in first class! I was able to stretch out on the three seats and sleep the entire flight.

This also meant, I got a window view again, seeing both the Honolulu city lights and the  sunrise right before we landed in Denver. I was not able to get any good photos of the lights on Oahu, but I was able to get some cool photos of the sunrise on the plane as we approached the Denver airport.

It was really wonderful to spend time with family and friends. My time there was much too short!

Aloha, Hawaii. Until we meet again…

One thought on “a quick trip to Oahu

  1. Beautiful photos. I can relate to the empty seat jackpot. Totally better than first class and better price too. I’m glad you had a great visit back.


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