winter carnival street events

Each year here in my little mountain town, winter carnival is celebrated. I missed it last year, but asked for the weekend off in advance this year. Both Saturday & Sunday morning, the main street in the town is covered in snow. Various street events take place, mostly involving horses and little kids. It was snowing a wet type of snow on Saturday, so I left my nice camera at home, but was able to get some good shots with my phone. After standing out in the cold for almost four hours, I felt like a frozen popsicle, but it was still a lot of fun!! The last photo is of one of the snow sculptures, which I took Thursday afternoon. Because of the warmer weather we have been experiencing this past week, most of the sculptures started melting soon after they were created.

*Because there are so many photos, I posted them in a square tile format. Because of this, they all got a bit cropped. Click on any one of them to start a slide show and view them as full frame photos.

One thought on “winter carnival street events

  1. Looks like a really fun event. I don’t blame you for making sure you had the time off to attend this year. Great photo captures with your iPhone.


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