Day 7 – a day in Treviso – 5-30-17

Instead of having breakfast at my B&B, which was an extra cost, I purchased yogurts from NaturaSì, keeping them in the little fridge in my room, and went to a bar each morning for my caffè macchiato. The first morning, I went to Caffè Goppion. It was a pretty bar located not far from my B&B.

Next, I visited the info point (tourist information office) and picked up some brochures and a better map. I also inquired about a place to purchase a travel size flat iron (hair straightener). The girl told me there were no places in the historic center area where I would find one.

Then, I walked back over to Piazza dei Signori to try to get some better photos. The building were partly covered in shadows the evening before. The featured image is one of the shots I took of the piazza.

(For some reason, I cannot choose the photo I want on my home page on this blog. It seems to randomly choose a photo and if I don’t want that one to be the photo shown on my home page, the only way I can change it is to make a featured image, which appears at the top of my blog post.)

I really did not have a specific plan in mind for the day but did mark a few sights I wanted to see while in Treviso.

My first stop after returning to the piazza was this amazing combination of two churches –  Chiesa di San Vito e Santa Lucia. Just as I was about to enter the church, a group of elementary school kids walked by on their end of the school year field trip. . That brought back fond memories of the field trips I have been on. One of the little boy smiled and waved hi to me – so cute!!

I only took a few photos inside of the Chiesa di Santa Lucia. I didn’t really spend much time there because once I entered the Chiesa di San Vito, I was awestruck looking at the incredible frescoes inside this little church.


Next, I found myself walking by the Canale Buranelli. Here are a few of the many photos I took of this beautiful canal. The last one is a photo of an old photo of the Canale Buranelli.


I then walked to the Chiesa di San Francesco. Outside the church, you will find a statue of San Francesco d’ Assisi. The church was quite large inside.


When leaving the church. I went to explore the cloister. There was an interesting Batik exhibit in this cloister by Dina Moscaio. Her work was very beautiful.


I was pretty close to La Mura di Treviso (the famous section of the wall that surrounds much of the city). There is some sort of a hydraulic system by the wall and the river. There also was a market taking place (every Tuesday and I think one other day). This market was huge with lots of fruit and vegetable stands, cheese stands, meat stands, and lots of clothing, shoes, and accessories.  There might have also been a fish stand but there also is a specific daily fish market in a different area of Treviso and am not sure now about finding fish there. Below are some photos I took near La Mura and at the market.


As I was leaving, I asked 2 older woman for the best way back to Piazza Borsa (which was near my B&B). As I started to follow the route they suggested, I noticed this store called Tutto Cappelli. Cappelli means hair and I assumed Tutto Cappelli meant everything for your hair. I went inside and inquired about a travel size flat iron/hair straightener (piastra per capelli in Italian). The woman at the counter smiled and said that they did sell flat irons.JACKPOT!! She went over to a shelf and brought back one to show me. I asked the cost – 71 euros! I really wanted to buy a flat iron but not a 71 euro flat iron! I told her that was much more than I wanted to spend. She said that was not a problem and went back to that shelf. She then showed me a flat iron that looked very similar. This one was 13,30 euros. I told her I would take it! Best buy of my trip!! I was elated!

I continued on my route back towards my B&B, walking by two more churches. The first church had a sign on the outside of the church, saying Santa Rita but inside the church there was a flyer describing the church with the name of the church as Chiesa di S Leonardo. I have no idea why or which is the official name of the church. It was pretty though.


The other church unfortunately was closed when I arrived. It was only open in the mornings. I did not write down the name of the church, nor did I take a photo of it, which made it interesting when I tried to find it on another day.

I was really hungry by this time and did not plan ahead on where to eat. I ended up back atPizzeria da Roberto since it the food was very good the night before and the people were very nice there.  I ordered a caprese salad. It was very disappointing. There was only one tiny piece of basil to be found and the tomatoes were not very ripe. They reminded me of the tomatoes I would often find in Hawaii.  When I went to pay at the cassa, the lady recognized me from the night before. It turns out, she was the grandmother of that family I sat near. I guess she works there! We had a very nice conversation and she was so happy when I complimented her on her grandchildren.

After leaving the restaurant, I wanted to see if there was a short cut way to the train station as I planned to do a day trip the following day.  It ended up not being a short cut  to the train station and instead ending up being a long walk far from my B&B! It turned out to be a very interesting walk. Here are a few photos. The inside of the church in the photo collage below was very tiny and full of people praying. I did not take a photo inside because it felt like I would be imposing on their space. I walked by a second church but that one was closed (midday) and would not be open until later in the afternoon. I also heard someone I believe was taking singing lessons as I walked by a large building with open windows on the second floor.


As I continued walking, with hopes that I was going in the correct direction, I found a wonderful gelateria called La Romana del 1947. There was a small crowd inside with two people taking orders. A grandmother with her granddaughter insisted I go in front of her. I ordered a cup of nocciola e pistachio (hazelnut and pistachio). These flavors both had tiny little nuts in them. Oh my gosh! This gelateria topped the one in Udine and in the end was my favorite gelateria I visited during my trip this year! The cost was 2,20 for a small. 2,30 for a medium. I never order large, so I did not write down that cost. The small is pretty large! I started eating before I remembered to take the photo!


As I continued up the street, I discovered that the Cathedral was only two blocks away! That meant more visits to this wonderful gelateria!


I discovered some interesting mosaics as I walked down a different street behind the Cathedral.


I then went in search of the replica of the Fontana delle Tette. I went up and down the little street the map said it was on and even took out my phone to use Google Maps. I finally realized that it was indeed on that street but inside this little shopping area off this street. I thought perhaps I would see red & white wine, but nope, just water. I think I liked the original statue (posted here about 3/4 down the page), which is housed in the lodge area of thePalazzo dei Trecento better than the replica.


I continued to walk around exploring new streets. At one point, I found these interesting lantern type things hanging.


I ended up back towards Via Roma and the Fiume Sile,


I saw this cool coot in the water. I stood and watched it for a while. I just loved his/her little (big) feet!


Heading back to my B&B, I stopped in the neighborhood church, Chiesa di S. Stefano.


I went back to my B&B, showered and washed some clothes. Dinner time! One of the recommendations from my B&B was Trattoria Hesperia, which specializes in pugliesi food. I walked over there around 7 to make a reservation for 8pm and then went over to the United Colors of Benetton, which is located right by Palazzo dei Trecento and not too far from the trattoria.  There are Benetton stores all over Italy. The store in Treviso is huge. Their clothes are always fun to look at. I didn’t find anything that worked for me though.


I returned to Trattoria Hesperia at 8pm.

Trattoria Hesperia Treviso, Italy, May, 2017

I was waited on by a very nice waiter. He did not speak much Italian and I had questions. I have a couple of food apps and vocabulary apps but some of the words on the menu were new to me and I couldn’t find the translation on any of my apps. He did a wonderful job helping me to decide what to order. For the antipasto, I ordered the millefoglie di burrata con scampi marinati su salsa verde alle cime di rape. Believe me, I did not memorize this! I found their website and figured out that this was what I ordered. For my primi, I ordered a pasta with clams and possibly something else. I did not write it down and I don’t think it is on their current menu. The burrata with shrimp was melt in your mouth good and the pasta was also very very good! Puglia has always been on my bucket list. The food at this restaurant confirmed my desire to visit Puglia one day!


I had a great day in Treviso! I was really glad I finally decided to spend some time in this little city.

**As always, all photos except for the single photos can be seen larger by clicking on them.

Next up – Tuesday morning in Cittadella

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