hot air balloons July 2017

I have been taking photos at the hot air balloon festival for a few years now (both when I was just visiting & after I moved to Colorado).  This year, there were just too many visitors in town.  Instead of going to where they inflate, on Saturday & Sunday, I took a photos of some of the balloons both near my house and a short bike ride away.

On Saturday, I took this photo of a few of the balloons in the air not too far from my house.


I then rode my bike towards an area where some of them were landing.

Saturday evening, the hot air ballon glow was supposed to take place up on the mountain. Sadly, with no prior warning and what seemed like zillions of people waiting to see them inflate, they only blew the flames.

Sunday morning, just as I was about to go outside in search of balloons, I heard the flame noise from a balloon. There, right outside my window, was one of the hot air balloons! I took this photo off my deck.


I went outside to try to follow that balloon. I then spotted another balloon, which seemed easier to follow on foot.  This balloon eventually landed on the side of a busy road not too far from my house.

Here are some photos of the balloon deflating…


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