Day 8 – part 2 – Bassano del Grappa – 5-31-17

Continuing my day from my last post

The Bassano del Grappa train station was steps away from the centro (historic center of the town).  

Bassano del Grappa, Italy, May, 2017

Because this was a very spur of the moment stop, the main site I knew about in Bassano del Grappa was the famous bridge, known as Ponte Vecchio or Ponte degli Alpini. The skies looked like it could possibly rain, so I headed straight for the bridge. I encountered two piazzas along the way.

The first piazza I encountered was Piazza Garibaldi. Of course seeing the tower got me pretty excited! I was definitely going to inquire on if it was open to climb on my way back from seeing the views from the bridge.



Across from the buildings shown above, you will find the Chiesa di San Francesco. It was closed while I was there.

The second piazza I encountered was called Piazza Libertà. This piazza was a little larger. This first view of  Piazza Libertà is heading towards the bridge. 


This second view of Piazza Libertà is looking back towards Piazza Garibaldi.


Here’s a closer look at two of my favorite buildings in this piazza – the yellow building with the flags & clock and the building with the frescoes and the tower behind it.


Here’s one more view of the yellow building with the cool clock.


Photos heading towards the bridge…


Ponte Vecchio, also known as Ponte degli Alpini, is a covered wooden pontoon bridge, which was designed by Andrea Palladio in 1569. The inside of the bridge was being worked on when I was there, so I was not able to take any good photos of the inside of the bridge. Here are is a photo of the entrance to the bridge…

Ponte Vecchio or Ponte degli Alpini  Bassano del Grappa, Italy, May, 2017

I took photos of the views from the bridge both from inside the bridge and from vista points on the other side of the bridge. Here’s one of my favorite photos…


Here’s a slideshow with more photos both from inside the bridge and from vista points on the other side of the bridge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I stopped in this little bar right on the other side of the bridge (door on the left between the two wrought iron windows) called Taverna al Ponte and had some delicious bread topped with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and olives. This bar has an outdoor patio area with great views. 

Ponte Vecchio or Ponte degli Alpini  Bassano del Grappa, Italy, May, 2017

I explored the area on the other side of the bridge a bit, went to the two vista points to take more photos, and then walked back towards the centro.

I decided to walk back a different way, hoping to see a little more of Bassano del Grappa. I discovered a little museum called Museo del Grappa along the way. Besides the famous bridge and views, one of the other things Bassano del Grappa is famous for is the strong grappa liqueur made in this area, which to me tastes like motor oil. I think this museum was there mostly to sell grappa but it was still an interesting spot to visit.

When I returned to Piazza Libertà, I attempted to visit what I assumed was the Duomo but the entrance was blocked and it was closed. There were major street repairs going on in the area by the church.

I continued on back to Piazza Garibaldi and stopped in the info point center where I inquired about climbing the tower. I was told that the tower was open and the tickets were sold inside the Museo Civico, which was located next door. I was also given a nice little tourist info pamphlet about Bassano del Grappa. I flipped through it quickly, planning to look at it in more depth during my train ride back to Treviso.  

The woman at the desk inside the Museo Civico was very very nice! We chatted a bit. I told her I would like to climb the tower first and then return to visit the museum. She called over to the Torre Civica to let the girl working there know that I would be coming.

I wasn’t sure exactly where the entrance to the tower was. I found a set of stairs between two buildings. At the top was a green door with a tricky doorknob. The girl finally came to the door to open if for me. She gave me an explanation of the climb and reminded me to watch my head at the end of the climb. I told her that I have climbed a lot of towers in Italy and also thanked her for the reminder to watch my head. She also asked me to make sure to lock the two doors on the way back down. This tower was an interesting tower to climb with about 200 steps. The top was very cool! I took a bunch of photos and then headed back down.

On my way back down, when trying to close the second door, the bolt for the door was jammed. I pushed extra hard to get it to close and slammed my right pinky finger into the bricks by the edge of the door when the bolt finally moved. There was a little blood but nothing life threatening. Not sure what I exactly did to my pinky finger, but to this day, it still hurts when I bend it. The knuckle is still a bit swollen and feels bruised when I touch it. A souvenir from my climb!

Here’s my climb of the Torre Civica and the views from the top…

Back at the Museo Civico, I was given a guide and started my tour. The museum guard followed me around. It was an interesting little museum. Click on any of the photos for a larger view…

I stopped to check my train app at one point and saw that there was a train leaving in 20 minutes. I was pretty much done with the museum and decided to try to catch that train. I returned my museum guide to the woman at the desk. Before leaving, I spent a couple of minutes talking to her about the interesting ceramics display near the exit.

The walk back to the train station was quick. To return to Treviso, you need to make one change in Castelfranco Veneto. As the train left the station, I realized that I did not have my little Bassano del Grappa tourist info pamphlet anymore. It must have been stuck right underneath the museum guide that I returned. I was really bummed. It was a really nice little pamphlet with great info not only about Bassano del Grappa but also a few places nearby.

I have a big favor to ask anyone reading this who may visit either Bassano del Grappa or a nearby tourist information center. Please ask for another Bassano del Grappa tourist info pamphlet for me. I will be happy to pay the shipping cost.

Next up… Part 3 – my evening back in Treviso.


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