Day 8 – part 3 – my evening in Treviso – 5-31-17

Continuing my day from my last post

After arriving back in Treviso, I returned to my B&B. I had no set plans for dinner. I love the food in Italy, but I am not the best pre-planner. I checked the internet and found a restaurant with great reviews. It was located on a tiny little side street betweenPiazza dei Signori and the Cathedral. After finding the restaurant, I checked out the menu. It was very expensive. Since it was still early, I decided to see if I could find any other interesting places to eat nearby.

As I wandered around the area, I saw this board outside a little place with papers all over it.  Each paper listed a menu item.


I checked online and read some nice reviews about Osteria alla Grotta, a family owned/run place.


Because it was 7:30, I knew that meant it was probably too early, but I was hungry after having only a small bite for lunch and after a long day of walking and was hoping I could be seated.  I went inside to see if it was possible to get a table. I spoke to one of the owners (I think the husband). He told me it was too early and to return at 8 pm.

That 30 minute wait seemed like the longest wait ever. The stores all close at 7:30 and dinner rarely is served until 8.  To kill time, I took some more photos nearby.

When I returned at 8 pm, the woman, who I assume was the wife, told me that it was too early and to come back at 8:30!  I told her that I spoke to a man earlier who told me to come back at 8. She told me to wait there, went into the kitchen, and then returned telling me that it was ok and sat me at a table.Right after I sat down, a father and son arrived. I could tell that she really did not want to start serving until 8:30 but since I was seated, she really could not turn them away.

It was really pretty inside. Here’s a view from my table…


I ordered the Pepata Cozze e Vongole. The sauce was a little heavy but otherwise my dinner was very good.


I enjoyed eating at Osteria alla Grotta. As the reviews stated, it was a nice friendly family restaurant and the food was good.

I was really full after my dinner but since I was not far from La Romano del 1947 Gelateria, I could not resist stopping by for another delicious gelato. I ordered a small cup of nocciola gelato. If you order only one flavor, you are offered whip cream on top. I passed on the whip cream only because I was already so full.

When I returned to my B&B, I ended up having a nice long chat with the husband of the woman who runs the B&B.  I slept really well that night after a great day visiting both Cittadella and Bassano del Grappa.

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