Day 17 – Iseo – 6-9-17

I slept in a little longer than I intended, waking up at 10 am. Before heading out for the day, I asked for another washer/dryer tutorial and this time I wrote the instructions all down step by step in my notes app.

First thing – un caffè macchiato! I found a nice little place right near the lake for my morning coffee and then I went for a walk along the lake. I really did not have any specific plans for the day.

I looked on my map and saw that I was not too far from the Duomo. I walked up a winding road and found a cluster of three churches. I spent time inside all three -Pieve di Sant’Andrea (the Duomo), Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, and Chiesa di San Silvestro. Because I already have a lot of photos to share in this post, I am doing a second post with photos from all of my church visits and my castle visit in Iseo (*see photos of these churches in my next post).

Next, I headed to the hospital. Now why a hospital? Well, I read that there were some cool frescoes inside one area of the hospital. It wasn’t as exciting as I read, but I loved the views of the lake from there.

As I walked back along the lake, I took lots of photos of ducks, swans, and coots.

For lunch, I wanted to try l’Orto e il Mare, which was located on Vicolo Nulli 9. It took me over 30 minutes to find this restaurant. I walked up and down streets in the area using two different maps and google maps on my phone. I even asked someone who lived in Iseo. He couldn’t find it either. I almost gave up and then somehow I stumbled right upon it. It was on a little side street that was hidden. I ordered the Calamaretti con verdure saltate e salsa al balsilico ( sautéed little squids with vegetables and a sweet basil cream sauce). It was very good.

I decided on gelato for dessert. I texted my friend to find out where we used to always get gelato while visiting Iseo together – Leon d’Oro, which was by the lake. The gelato was just ok. We think maybe management has changed.

Fridays are market days in Iseo, the kind of markets I am not a huge fan of. Lots of stands of clothing, shoes, and lots of junk. Not junk to everyone, but most of it seems like junk  to me and the stands take up too much room. Fortunately everyone packed up by the time I returned to the center of town so I could take a few photos. There still was a lot of litter everywhere, but a street sweeper machine finally came by to take care of the mess.

I decided to walk along the lake to the other end of Iseo. I took photos of more ducks, swans, and a mystery waterfowl along the way…

I continued on until I reached a long walkway out towards the lake, where boats were docked. From there, one is treated to a view of what I suspect is another town on the lake.

After returning to the center of the town, I decided to check out that castle that I saw when I first arrived in Iseo. Unfortunately it was closed. I did take some photos from the outside though (*see photos of the castle in my next post). I believe that the castle now houses the municipal library. There may also be other things to visit in this castle. I have no clue!

All of the little food stores were closed for the afternoon, so I walked over to the big grocery store to purchase a large bottle of water. The grocery store was located a little further than the post office,  While I was there, I decided to get some food for dinner instead of eating out.

I bought some tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella to make a caprese salad, some pesto, some tortelloni with ricotta and spinach (nothing like the yummy tortelloni in Modena & Faenza), a very delicious French crème brûlée for dessert and some yogurt for the following morning. I also bought my large bottle of water. Somehow I spaced out weighing the tomatoes. Fortunately, the man at the cash register was very nice and understanding. He had someone go weigh them for me.

I returned to my suite to put my food away and then spent some time in a bookstore. I also checked out a few of the little food stores in town.

As I was walking back down the road past the castle, I discovered an interesting church called the Santuario Santa Maria della Neve or Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snow (*see photos of this church in my next post).

I also visited the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Mercato, which is located right near Piazza Garibaldi. I walked by this church a few times and am really glad I went inside. There were some amazing frescoes inside this church, including the cycle of the Passion of Christ (*see photos of this church in my next post).

Then I went back down to the lake to take a few more photos. The baby coots were so so cute!!!

I returned to my suite to make dinner. I also started my second load of laundry.  In case anyone ends up using this same washer/dryer combo, here are the directions: Dry triangle, Shirt with sun, Start, Wash, 14 30 44, Clock with basin on the right, Thermometer for temp, Start, NO sun shirt. It still ended up being complicated and I had to set the dryer three times – 30 mins each – for the clothes to dry.  

I went back down by the lake to take some photos at sunset while my clothes finished drying and then went back to my apartment to pack.

*Review of the Borgolago Suites – Huge apartment steps from the waterfront, located on a quiet street. Clean, comfortable, well furnished with everything you would need, including a washer/dryer and fully equipped kitchenette. Air conditioning, secure wifi, comfortable bed, nice bathroom, good hairdryer, lots of closet space, fluffy towels and bathrobe. Very helpful staff. Windows can’t be opened, but it was a scent free apartment so no problems there for me!

Iseo was just a quick stop.

Next up – Saturday ~ a visit with dear friends in Coccaglio



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    1. It’s much quieter than the towns on the other lakes, barely any other US tourists – mostly Italian tourists and some German tourists and you would love the Franciacorta area with their famous wines.


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