Day 19 – Part 2 – an evening in Venice – 6-11-17

After checking into my B&B, I walked around the Santa Croce district of Venice for a bit taking photos and then took a vaporetto ride to Piazza San Marco. I was able to snag a good location by the edge of the boat to take photos and eventually was able to grab a seat up front. I love the views along the Grand Canal.

Because I was in Venice during the 2017 Venice Biennale, I was able to see some of the special sculptures along the way. My favorite was the sculpture of two gigantic hands by Lorenzo Quinn, titled “Support”.  This pair of gigantic hands rises up from the Grand Canal to support the sides of the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel. It was created to be a visual statement of the impact of climate change and the rising sea levels in Venice and symbolizes both an act of support and an act of desperation.

Once I departed the vaporetto near Piazza San Marco, it was chaos! There were tourists everywhere, lots of selfie sticks, and people pestering me with food to feed the pigeons. I thought that was banned! Besides my short visit in Florence, I spent all of my time in Italy in peaceful places with very few tourists. I just could not handle the crowds that evening.

I jumped back onto the next departing No. 1 vaporetto and headed back to the San Stae stop. I forgot how long the very slow No. 1 vaporetto ride takes. By the time we reached my stop, I was really hungry. My favorite restaurant was closed on Sundays (poor planning on my part!) so that was out. I thought about going to Pizzeria Ae Oche. I have not eaten there before but read very good reviews. I was really hungry though and didn’t know if there would be a long wait for a table. Instead I decided to give Osteria Mocenigo a try. It was located right near the San Stae stop, the reviews seemed good, and I was able to get a table right away. I thought the food was just ok and I probably would not return there again.

I went back to my hotel to re-arrange a few things in my luggage for my plane trip home in the morning and then went to bed.

There were some definite “should haves” for my stay in Venice. I should have made a reservation in advance for dinner and I should have stayed in Venice for at least two nights so I could visit Piazza San Marco early in the morning when it is less busy, visit more of the 2017 Biennale, and spend more time away from the crazy tourist crowds. I also could have stayed at Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo if I booked two nights as that is the minimum stay they now require. Even though this wasn’t one of my favorite visits to Venice, I really enjoyed my vaporetto ride and was treated to some interesting sculptures along the way from this year’s Biennale.

Just seeing those two gigantic hands was worth my stay in Venice this year!

Take a ride along with me on the Grand Canal with some of my favorite photos from my evening in Venice….

Next up ~ Monday Morning – Departing Venice & My Flights Home

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