seasons merge

Now that my Italy trip report is finally done, I’m catching up with photos I’ve been wanting to share. I’m combining a few posts here with both fall and snow photos…

A hike on September 24th – the leaves were just starting to turn.

September 30th – a quick ride up on the gondola – more leaves turning.

October 1st & 2nd – SNOW!!! Our first big snow of the season. I took these photos on the bike path in town at the end of the 2nd day of the snowstorm.

October 3rd – beautiful fall day – photo taken after coming out of the grocery store.

oct 3rd 2017 leaves snow.jpg

Wednesday morning, October 4th – a snowman!!! The snow here is usually fluffy and not very wet so we don’t see very many snowmen during the winter. This snowman surprised me as I went to get into my car.


October 7th – one more hike up on the mountain – seasons merging!

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