Welcome DC 6 & DC 7

Last year I discovered the DC Arboretum Eagle Nest Cam Project just as the babies were about to hatch. I watched daily with love and delight (even took a few peeks while in Italy) as the two baby eaglets, DC 4 & DC 5, later named Honor & Glory, grew and eventually fledged. Their amazing parents both carefully watched over them and prepared them for their journeys ahead. It was sad to see them eventually leave their nest for the last time but I have great hope that they will live long and full lives and have babies of their own.

It is a new year and two new baby eaglets have just hatched. On Monday, at 12:17 pm, DC 6 hatched. I have taken some screenshots of this adorable new baby eaglet on his/her first day of life.

Yesterday, DC 7 began his/her journey towards hatching…

This morning, DC 7 hatched at 4:13 a.m… AND now there are two!!

All screenshots above are attributed to  © 2018 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG

To see videos of each eaglet hatching as well as other eagle videos from the American Eagle Foundation, check out this youtube page. It’s pretty cool to watch the hatching process.

The DC Arboretum Eagle Nest Cam Project  has two webcams focused on the nest. I hope you get a chance to check it out. They run 24 hours per day. It’s a brilliant project where you will not only fall in love with these baby eaglets but also learn quite a bit about the life of these majestic birds. The project also has scheduled Q & A chats and an event log describing all of their daily adventures and milestones.

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