Coccaglio, a monastery & a trip to Bergamo (2009 trip)

Sunday, July 19th (2009):
We spent a lazy morning in Coccaglio. We started out at a bar for coffee and then stopped at Delizia Pasticceria to pick up some little pastries for lunch.

After delivering the pastries, Katia and I decided to visit the monastery in Rovato, the Convento dell’Annunciata. It is located up on a hill overlooking Coccaglio. Back in 2000, Katia & I went for a quick visit there and I have always wanted to return.

Italy Trip 2009, Coccaglio, Italy

This time, I was able to take a bunch of photos as well. Here are a some of the photos I took of this very beautiful and peaceful Convento dell’Annunciata.

We had Sunday lunch at Katia’s parents’ house. Katia’s older brother, Luca, his wife, Simona, and their three children, Marta, Emma and Pietro joined everyone for lunch. It was fun to see Marta & Emma again and to meet Pietro, their new little addition to the family.

Katia’s mother never disappoints. We had a very declicious and filling lunch consisting of chicken, veggies, bread, cheese, fruit, little pastries from the Pasticceria & gelato. Each time I visit, she always makes a special chicken cooked in tomato sauce that I told her (on my first visit) that my grandmother used to make.

In the afternoon, we joined Katia’s friends, Elena and Andrea on a trip to Bergamo. This was my 4th visit to Bergamo. I notice new things on each visit!

We parked in Bergamo Città Bassa and then took the funivia (funicular) up to Bergamo Città Alta. It was sort of a gray day outside so my photos are not the best. As I am adding photos to this post, I realized that I have never posted photos of Bergamo before.  One day I will get on that!

As we waited for the funivia, it was interesting to watch people who recognized Andrea (the mayor of Rovato). It’s funny to be on the other side, seeing the person just as a regular person, and watching others as they react to him as someone well known.

We had a wonderful time laughing, walking around, and enjoying the beautiful architecture of the historic center.  I told Andrea about my love of climbing towers and asked him about the tower in Rovato. He told me it is not usually open for people to climb but he would see what he could do about arranging for us to get a key to climb the tower! Oh my gosh!! How cool!!!

Here are some photos I took while in Bergamo. *clicking on any photo will bring up a full size photo.

Back in Coccaglio, we had dinner with Katia’s brother, Samuele, and his wife, Roberta. I have known Samuele since I believe my first visit to Coccaglio in 2000 and met Roberta in 2003. They are both very nice and fun to be with. This year, they also moved into a beautiful new place. I forgot my camera though, so no photos.

Next up – Monday ~ a visit to Verona



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