3 nights in parma (2003 trip / Italy)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday ~ June 13th – 15th:
After a long flight from Honolulu to Newark, a seven hour layover, and then another long flight to Milan, I was in Italy again! I took the bus from Malpensa Airport to the Milano Centrale train station and then took a train to Parma. Looking at my old screenshots, the train ride was 70 – 90 minutes depending on which train I took.

Once in Parma, I headed to Hotel Torino. This was my second visit to Parma. During my first visit, I only spent one night in Parma (also at Hotel Torino). The hotel was a simple hotel and most importantly, clean with non-smoking rooms and a private bathroom. The people who ran the hotel were very kind and helpful. I believe it may have been a 2 star hotel when I stayed there. It is now a 3 star hotel. Parma was the perfect place to spend my first three nights in Italy to get over my jet lag.

The big news in Italy that summer was the weather! It was 40 degrees celsius (104 fahrenheit) when I arrived!! Many people order gelato in a cone but this year everyone was ordering it in a cup. The gelato turned to soup in a cup in 3 minutes! That’s how hot it was in Parma this trip.  

I did not write down any of the specifics of what I did and where I ate while I was in Parma. I also did not take many photos during my stay there. I am not sure why. Perhaps it was because I took a lot of photos of Parma during my first visit or perhaps I was because I was trying to save space on limited compact flash cards for more photos during the rest of my trip.

Here are the few photos I took during my wonderful stay in Parma…

The Duomo di Parma; Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta Duomo (Cathedral of Parma) and the Battistero di Parma (Baptistery of Parma):

Italy Trip 2003, Parma, Italy

The Battistero di Parma ~ one of my favorite baptisteries in Italy:

Italy Trip 2003, Parma, Italy

The beautiful Palazzo del Governatore in Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi:

Italy Trip 2003, Parma, Italy
Italy Trip 2003, Parma, Italy

A wedding celebration…


A street in Parma…

Italy Trip 2003, Parma, Italy

Next up – 3 nights in Camogli


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