drive back home (photos from Utah)

These first two photos were taken just before arriving in Heber City.


As I drove though Heber City, I found a tower to climb!! But then I discovered the building was closed on Fridays. Boo!


I pulled over on this tiny dirt road pullover stop to take these photos somewhere between Heber City & Duchesne, Utah. I believe this beautiful spot is called Strawberry Reservoir. I thought about having lunch here but continued onward…


Twenty minutes later, I pulled into this official rest stop. One thing I noticed. None of the rest stops have bathrooms! At least none I stopped at. I believe this stop was located in Fruitland, Utah. I spent a bit of time here taking photos and enjoying the views as I ate my lunch.


I pulled over on the side of the road to take these photos (camera out the window photos) ~ somewhere between Roosevelt & Vernal, Utah.


A few minutes later, I discovered this official vista stop.


I took these photos in or near Jensen, Utah.


These photos were also taken on the side of the road (camera out the window photos) ~ somewhere between Jensen, Utah & the Colorado border.


I took these photos at another official vista stop, my last Utah photo stop, close to the border of Colorado.

My photos show a fraction of the beauty of the various landscapes I viewed during my drive though Utah.

My drive home was much longer than my drive to Salt Lake City. I left about 9:30 am. Knowing that I was planning to stop a bunch of times to take photos as well as wanting to make a couple of quick stops in a couple of stores in Vernal, Utah, I was hoping for an 8 hour drive home.

It was for the most part a very pleasant  drive. I even started to think about other possible road trips as I reached the Colorado border. Then about 20 minutes before Craig, Colorado, I encountered a CRAZY storm ~ pouring rain! thunder! lightning! hail! It freaked me out. To make matters worse, my brand new windshield wipers broke during the storm! I was so grateful everyone was driving extremely slow.

The rain stopped as I reached Craig. I was a little shaken and glad that the storm was over for the moment. The skies were black ahead of me though and I knew I would be following the storm home. As I reached Hayden, I was right back in the middle of the storm. I thought about pulling over but I didn’t want to end up driving in the dark, even though it was dark during the storm! I just wanted to get home. The storm finally ended about 10 minutes before reaching my house.  I ran into the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and that was all everyone was talking about. It was a big one! So, my 8 hour drive home ended being a 9 hour drive home. For the most part though, it was a beautiful drive!

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