Hawaii caucus posts from 2008

I was reminded of my experience during the 2008 Democratic Hawaii caucus while watching the fascinating process of the Iowa caucus on TV tonight.

I’m really glad I wrote about what happened that night as I forgot quite a bit of the details. I wrote 3 posts about my experience. If anyone is interested, click on the posts below. The middle post provides the most details about what happened that night.



February 20, 2008:  ONE MORE POST ON THE CAUCUS

My vote this year … the BLUE WAVE!!   273 days until Election Day.

North Shore - Big Waves, Oahu, Hawaii, December, 2018

Yes, I have been missing in action for a while now. Not sure why as I spent an amazing time camping in Moab last April with many photos to share. I returned to Salt Lake City last summer to do more genealogy research and have been thinking about sharing some of my family discoveries on my blog. I also spent a couple of months working on improving my pottery skills, creating some of my best pieces to date. At some point, I hope to get back into blogging again.

Happy 2020!!!!

*Feb 4th / Edited to add: Well, the Iowa caucus turned out to be one big fiasco! When I wrote this post yesterday, the caucus was just beginning. The reason I found it fascinating was because it was so different than how the the Hawaii caucus was run in 2008.

I thought the Iowa caucus procedure was interesting in how everyone stood or sat in groups for a specific candidate and then those who were for candidates that did not get enough votes moved to other candidate groups.

In Hawaii, we talked about who we thought we should each vote for before taking the vote, so that was the caucus part. We then voted on pieces of paper, which were more of secret ballot type of voting, although most of us knew how everyone else voted.

I didn’t think it was such a big deal that it was not a secretive procedure in Iowa, but flipping coins in a tie? Also, the confusion with some people leaving and then not having enough votes for a candidate to be viable because of a miscommunication? Both big problems for such an important vote! And then… the problems with reporting the votes. Iowa really should have tested their new app / new procedures on reporting the vote tallies. They also should have had a solid back up plan. What a mess!! Hopefully other states will learn from this.

I never understood why Iowa gets to go first. The whole lack of diversity in Iowa and so much time spent there for so few delegates.  I also realized that many people were excluded due to work schedules, disabilities, lack of babysitting, lack of transportation, etc. Even  though I finally felt like I had a vote that counted during the 2008 Hawaii caucus, at this point, the caucus system seems to be outdated and should be changed. I also think there should be a change in which state or states go first. I am sure this will be an ongoing discussion.

At least they backed it all up on paper. My hope is that the one thing other states will learn from this fiasco are that paper ballots or paper ballot backups are a MUST.

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