trip to Moab ~ May 2019

For years I have heard about the beauty of Moab. I finally got the chance to spend some time there back in May 2019. It seems like ages ago now.

We drove down the first Monday in May, camped out for 3 nights, and then returned home that Thursday. If I remember correctly, the drive each way was about 6 hours, with stops along the way. Some parts were boring but other parts were so so pretty! I took tons of photos while there.

When I returned home, I started the editing process with such enthusiasm. Eventually though, I became distracted with other things. Just this past week, I finally got back to finishing them up (yes! over a year later!). Fortunately, when I started the editing process, I organized my raw photos into folders . This has been helpful for me to remember each part of the trip.

Here’s a photo of our campsite and my tent. My aunt & uncle camped out in their van. As you can see, I have a pretty sweet Nemo sleeping pad. It’s almost as comfortable as sleeping in a bed.

Moab Trip 2019, Kane Creek Campground, Moab, Utah
Moab Trip 2019, Kane Creek Campground, Moab, Utah

More posts to come…

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