Fisher Towers ~ May 2019

Moab Trip ~ Day 1

After crossing the Utah border on our drive to Moab, we decided to take the scenic route (turning south on Hwy 128 instead of continuing on I-70 to Hwy 191). About 25 miles from our Moab, we noticed these incredible rock formations on the left. We decided to get a closer look, turning left on Fisher Towers Road. At the end of the road was a parking lot. Our plan was only to take a few photos and then continue on to Moab so we did not put on our hiking shoes (I was wearing my Chacos). But because it was so beautiful, we ended up doing a small portion of the hike. We would have done more but the scree made it a bit slippery with our chosen footwear. I recommend good shoes and lots of water if doing this hike. Also a camera! Here are some of my favorite photos. Cameras used: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and iPhone 6s.

At the trail head is a board with info. Here’s a cropped photo from this board with the info on Fisher Towers:

Moab Trip 2019, Fisher Towers near Moab, Utah

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