Double Arch ~ MAY 2019

Moab Trip ~ Day 2

I’m finally getting back to posting more about our Moab trip and our visit to Arches National Park, after another pause in blogging and a slight deviation. My last Moab post was about our hike to the amazing Delicate Arch. I can’t believe our Moab trip was almost 2 years ago now!

Instead of doing another long hike in the afternoon, we drove to the Windows section of the park to check out the very cool Double Arch, returning the following day to explore the rest of the Windows section of the park. We wanted to take our time and sit in awe of the incredible rock formations of the Double Arch area of this section of the park.

This was a very easy half mile round trip stroll. It was a little more scary though climbing up to sit under one of the arches and especially scary having to get back down afterwards!

The image at the top of this post is the view from the Double Arch trailhead. Here’s another link with more info about this view and the hiking (strolling) trail.

*click on any photo to bring up the slideshow

** Edited update… I am really hating WordPress!! They have changed the photo upload options again! Trying another way to fix this gallery of images. BOO WordPress!

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