rock formations on the way out of the park ~ May 2019

There are a bunch of very cool rock formations along the roadside not far from the entrance to the park. We stopped to take some photos as we were leaving the park. Some of the photos below were taken out the window (drive by photos)!

Here’s a couple of photos of the Three Gossips.

The next 2 are photos of the Sheep Rock.

I’m pretty sure the next 2 photos are photos of The Organ.

And I think the next 2 photos are of the Courthouse Towers, but I’m not positive.

I’m not sure if any of the rock formations in this last bunch of photos have names. Most of them were taken out the window as we drove out of the park.

If you ever get the chance to visit Arches National Park north of Moab, Utah, especially if you like rocks, do it! I found this map, which shows the location of these rock formations as well as all the other stops we made during our time in the park. It’s a very helpful map to plan a visit to this incredible national park.

Except for a few miscellaneous photos, this is the end of my very delayed blogging about my trip to Moab in 2019.

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