Towers ~ Torri ~ Tower Climbing

As many of you know, one of my favorite things to do when traveling in Italy is climbing towers. I am intrigued by the construction inside each tower. I love the different types of stairways – narrow, wide, straight up, box-like pattern and circular. Some towers have different levels with different types of stairs while others just have the same type of stairs from bottom to top. I enjoy looking out at the various levels of the climb. I love the challenge of each climb. It’s fun to meet other people along the way. The moment when I reach the top and experience that incredible 360 degree view is always the best part of the climb. Encountering the bells up close at or near the top (if the tower has bells) is the bonus.

The picture below, representing many of the tallest towers in Italy, hangs in the entrance way of the Torre degli Asinelli / Asinelli Tower in Bologna, Italy. 

I’ve climbed all of these towers except for the tower in Pomposa. I need to put that tower on my bucket list. *The Venezia tower in this photo is an elevator ride tower (so technically not a tower climb).

One of the most challenging towers I have climbed was the Torazzo – the Cremona tower (one of the towers in the photo above & photo below). The Torazzo is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona. The height of the tower and the 502 steps were definitely a challenge but the thundering (with lots of lightning) while I was climbing this tower added to the challenge. I’m not afraid of heights but I am afraid of thunder & lightning! 

My all time favorite tower climb, cliché as it may sound, was climbing the Torre Pendente di Pisa / Leaning Tower of Pisa. The anticipation all day as I waited for my reserved ticket time to do this climb, the lean, the stairway and the beauty of this tower… It was not the toughest climb, but it will always be one of the coolest climbs I’ve done. 

If I’ve tallied up my climbs correctly, I’ve climbed 30 different towers in Italy. I’ve climbed a few of them more than once. 

Some of these towers were very challenging climbs, including a couple that took me by surprise. Some were moderate climbs, a few were very easy climbs and 3 would barely be considered towers at all… but they had Torre or Tower in their name so I am including them in my count. 

I’ve taken elevator rides to the top of 3 more towers (not counted as part of the 30 I’ve climbed). Whenever there is a choice – elevator or stairs, I always take the stairs, but these 3 only had the elevator option.

I’ve also climbed a few towers in other parts of Europe – 2 towers in the Republic of San Marino, a tower in Innsbruck, a tower in Zurich and 710 steps of the Eiffel Tower.

AND besides towers, I’ve also climbed 2 different domes, climbed to the rooftop of the Duomo in Milano and I’ve climbed the Arc de Triomphe – all technically not towers but climbs that also ended in magnificent views! 

I came close to climbing tower number 31, a private tower in Rovato… I went part way up but then eventually turned around. Let me just say… a dead bird and then what looked like a hole in a step convinced me to abort!

*WordPress is still NOT my friend! I have given up on trying to center my Pisa photo after trying all the tricks…

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