about me

My name is Susan, although until I retired, I used the name girasoli (the Italian word for sunflowers) while on the internet.

I lived in Hawaii for 30 years, working as a speech pathologist for the first 5 years, a K-6 special ed teacher for the next 4 years, and a preschool special ed teacher for the last 21 years.

I loved spending time at the beach, watching sunsets, and going on hikes.

I retired from teaching in 2015. Two weeks after my retirement, I moved to Colorado and have started a new chapter in my life.

Here in Colorado, I enjoy hiking and I also love to ski! Even though I miss the beach, I do a happy dance each and every time it snows!

My first trip to Italy was in 1999. The day I stepped on Italian soil, I was hooked! I have traveled to Italy 12 times so far. While in Italy, I love to climb towers, take photographs, drink espresso in the morning, eat fabulous Italian food, meet new people, and work on improving my Italian. I also enjoy the history, art, architecture, and beautiful scenery of this beautiful country.

Since being retired, I have taken up pottery and have gotten back into genealogy research.

I have been a HUGE Red Sox fan my entire life. The first World Series win on October 27th, 2004 will always be the most special win. It was a feeling I will probably never experience again. What made it even extra special was that I was able to watch the Red Sox win with my dad. We both would not believe they were actually going to win until that very last out! The win in 2007 was like the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae and last year’s win in 2013 was almost as special as the 2004 win.Never in my life would I have imagined experiencing three Red Sox World Championships! I am so very grateful for all three wins, but win or lose, every year, I will always be rooting for the Red Sox. I have made a page where you can find all of my baseball & Sox posts. GO SOX!!!! 

I started this blog in 2007.  I came up with the name shave ice & gelato by using words representing both Hawaii & Italy.

Welcome to my blog!  Benvenuto!  E komo mai!