the ziploc bag is ready to go

After six hours of packing and organizing, I now have my ziploc quart bag ready to go (you know the one that has the “safe” liquids in it).


I also have organized and packed most of my vitamins and medicines and made a list of a few of things I need to pick up at the drugstore.

Slow but steady wins the race…

11 thoughts on “the ziploc bag is ready to go

  1. Very tidy! I love those small plastic bottles with the screw-top lids. I take it they’re specifically designed for travel? I really have to invest in some of those. I buy cheap bottles at the drug store that are often too large to begin with, and poorly made so after a trip or two, their side seams split!
    It sounds as if you’re all organized and ready to go. Yay! Have a fantastic trip.


  2. Marta, I am getting closer. I did quite a bit at 11 pm last night. My goal is to get it done by tomorrow night.
    Sandra, those are nalgene bottles. They will not leak and last forever. The 1/2 oz size are hard to find but the 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz are pretty easy. Not sure in Canada though.


  3. Wow, that’s very impressive! I think you work very well under pressure. That looks so organized and neat.
    Take lots and lots of photos and have a wonderful trip! I wish I could post a “green” smiley face here!
    P.s. Congrats on the Celtic Win!


  4. Good job! But can you have that many things in one bag? I have seen people been told they had too much stuff in their little bag – not to scare you, just wanted to let you know.


  5. Kathy, it was fun to see them win at home. My mom would have been thrilled.
    Chiocciola, ok, now I am a little worried. I did take my inhaler medicine out (wasn’t sure if they would consider that a liquid), but it does say that you can declare medicines separate. I guess they can take my toothpaste first if something has to go and I can pick some up in Newark. I have not had a problem on my last flight with the same amount of stuff so I guess we shall see when I leave.


  6. Hi Girasoli, yes your mom would definitely have been thrilled to watch her Celtics win. Very well deserved win.


  7. I’ve been trying to find the nalgene bottles for my upcoming trip but haven’t had any luck. I’ve looked in REI and a few travel stores. Where did you buy them? I checked Nalgene’s website and they have a travel kit with an assortment of the little bottles but the majority of the bottles are either too big (4oz) or too small (1oz). I wished they made a 3oz bottle.


  8. I found them at a camping/hiking/travel store called Powder’s Edge which has now gone out of business. I have not been able to find any more. The Clairol root touch-up products have good .5 oz bottles which have not leaked so far, although that ends up being expensive just for the bottle unless you also use the product. You might want to call Nalgene. I am very careful with mine, knowing that they are hard to find. Sorry I am not more help. And yes, why are they not making 3 oz?


  9. I always come back to this post when I need inspiration! I see they have these Nalgene bottles at the REI online store. But 6 dollar shipping seems a little steep for a 9 dollar product… (A variety pack of small bottles.)


  10. Chiocciola, I had to laugh at your comment about this post being an inspiration. I sent you an email with more info about the bottles. I hate the rip off shipping costs!


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