more photos of Genova

When walking out of the Genova Brignole train station, I saw this magnificent arch in the distance. I headed straight for it. Of course that immediately got me off track and slightly lost.


I kept on walking away from my planned out route to get a closer look at the beautiful designs in the grass and the wall at the top. I thought about walking up those stairs to get a close up view of the wall, but I knew I had a lot of walking ahead of me and not much time.


As I got back on the route I had planned out for the day, I stumbled upon this doorway and fell in love. I think this might have been a hotel, but I can’t remember now.


I loved the walkway and porticoes on this street.


I thought this building was kind of cool. It reminded me a little of some of the buildings I saw in Torino and Cuneo a couple of years ago.


In the middle of Piazza de Ferrari is a huge fountain, surrounded by more amazing buildings.


There was a large picture of Ingrid Betancourt, with the words “Liberiamo Ingrid Betancourt!” hanging on this beautiful building. I was in Genova a week before she and 14 other hostages were freed. I remembered seeing her photo on this building the following week when I was in Acqui Terme when when watching the breaking news on the TV around midnight Italy time one night. I stayed up until 1:30 watching every detail, flipping back and forth between Sky, BBC, and CNN.


This is the Palazzo Ducale and the infamous tower that was not much of a tower climb as well as my hard hat experience (see my “lost in Genova” post for more on my day in Genova and the tower/hard hat/etc.).


I took this last photo looking back up the street while standing next to the Duomo. I hope this post gave you a quick peek at Genova. In my next post I will share some of my favorite photos of the magnificent Duomo.


What you would like to see next after the photos of the Duomo to finish up Genova? I could continue with more posts of Liguria or jump around a little. I still have photos from Camogli, more of Portofino, San Fruttuoso, Acqui Terme, Nizza Monferrato, Alessandria, Modena, Bologna, & Florence to share as well as a few more from Santa Margherita Ligure.

5 thoughts on “more photos of Genova

  1. That’s some beautiful architecture – what a nice looking city.
    As for the photos, I vote for any order you are inspired to do. :) I want to see all of them!


  2. Frankly, I can`t decide what photos I`d like to see next — I want to see them all!!!! These photos from Genoa are very beautiful, I had no idea the city was this lovely altho I had a hint of its beauty from the scenes shot in Genoa used in the movie Agata e la tempete (Agatha and The Storm.)
    The architecture in Genoa seems to be spectacular — I love the massive arch in your first photo, the beautiful doorway that`s possibly the entrance to a hotel and the stripped porticoes outside Zara. Stunning!


  3. Your photos of Genova ‘the proud’ are all wonderful! I’ve never seen porticoes in two tone marble (or is it travertine?).
    I’m eager to see your photos in whichever order you choose to post them. If asked to vote to what to see next, I’d vote to jump around a bit.


  4. Annie, Genova really surprised me. I think I would really need a lot more time there to really get to know the city but at least I got a quick peek of this city I have always wondered about.
    Sandra, thanks for reminding me about the movie Agata e la tempete (Agatha and The Storm). I think I would enjoy it even more now that I have been there.
    María, I don’t really know but this style is also the style of the Duomo and I believe a characteristic of parts of Genova.


  5. Hi Girasoli, beautiful photos. I’m enjoying seeing all of your photos and in any order. Wow, they are all so great and interesting. I also liked the walkway and porticoes.
    Thanks for sharing and posting them so quickly!


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