“sad” ~ PhotoHunt

Sad elephant ~ this statue, which is called the Pulcino della Minerva, is located in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva and behind the Pantheon in Rome, Italy.


Sad lion ~ this statue is located on the steps of the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo,
also called the Duomo di San Lorenzo in Genova, Italy.


13 thoughts on ““sad” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Awesome photos of two very expressive animals. Looking at these just makes me so “homesick” for Italy!
    Great take on the theme. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    And yes, maybe my dream will come true and North Carolina will “Turn It Blue”!!!


  2. Wow, G.I took a photo of those lions in Genoa too and wasn’t sure why I didn’t feel good about it – it’s the eyes – it’s the sadness in them — you got it! Thanks, M


  3. Hi Girasoli, great theme photos! The captured expressions on the elephant and especially the lion is really amazing. These were great choices on the theme!
    Have a great Sunday!


  4. I’ll have to look for the sad elephant next time I’m in Rome since I’ve never seen it. I love the lion from the Duomo in Genova. He looks sad and preoccupied. So much emotion on that face!


  5. Girasoli, I love Bernini’s elephant — every time I’m in Rome, I try to visit him as often as possible. (I think he’s sad because of the ridiculous saddle that Bernini was forced to slap on his back!)
    Speaking of animal sculptures, do you remember when we visited the turtle fountain in the Ghetto in Rome?


  6. Thanks everyone. These two statues are two of my favorite in all of Italy. I love their expressions, especially the lion.
    María, I missed this statue also the first two times I was in Rome. If you are facing the Pantheon and walk down the street or alley to the left (with the Pantheon on your right), you will run right into it (on the left side of the street/alley. It is located in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Make sure to go inside this church if you get the chance. It is quite beautiful inside.
    Sandra, I thought about the turtle fountain also for this week’s theme, but I have posted it twice already and it wasn’t as “sad” looking. I will always be grateful to you for taking me to this statue. I am not sure if I ever would have found it on my own.


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