glitch in my plans

I rushed home after work today to purchase my airline ticket. I needed to purchase it before 6pm because the airfare sale ended today. I entered my itinerary at 4:30 pm Hawaii time (10:30 pm EST) and saw that the fares were gone! How could that be? The fare now costs $540.00 more than it did yesterday. There are still tons of seats left on the planes I plan to take so they can’t say it is because the fares sold out.

I am so mad at myself that I didn’t buy my ticket earlier but even madder at Continental. The airlines continue to make customers mad. From the ridiculous idea of charging to use the bathrooms to changing prices before an announced sale is over. Not good!

Yes, I should have bought my ticket yesterday but the announcement on the Continental website said that the sale ended today (March 11th), meaning the sale would end at the end of the day, today. I didn’t buy my ticket yesterday because I wanted an extra day to decide which day to return. I read a comment on Flyertalk tonight from another upset person who also tried to buy their ticket today, finding that the sale prices were gone. He made the same comment stating that March 11th means the end of the day on March 11th.

Now I don’t know what to do. I could wait and hope that Continental again offers lower fares, bite the bullet and pay an outrageous $2032 for a ticket, or cancel my trip. I am not a happy camper right now.

Thank you everyone for your comments and your excitement about my trip plans. I was excited also until I saw the airfares today. Shit happens. I know. I’ll figure it out. It will just take a few days to get over the shock of losing out on a good airfare, something that is rare to find for a flight from Hawaii to Italy.

**Update (3-12) After searching a bunch of combinations, I came up with a fare $393 dollars more than the original sale fare. At least that is better than $540 dollars more than the sale fare.

I doubt fares will go back down now that seats are selling out so I bit the bullet and bought my ticket. Yay!! I’m also getting two more days out of this trip. Maybe I should rethink Rome.

Now I need to just let it all go and start getting excited about my trip again.

13 thoughts on “glitch in my plans

  1. Don’t dispair! AND don’t pay that fare -at least that’s my advice…The airlines are hurting just as much, if not more, than we are…The fares will come around again. As my close friend who just retired from American Airlines says, be patient and check the internet often. It makes a difference what day, time of day, etc. Like most of us have all the time to do this – but maybe this is helpful advice! Hang in there…it will happen. Click those red slippas together! (Wiz of Oz)


  2. Do you have to fly on Continental? I just checked on and put a fake date of 6/11, returning on 7/10 Oahu-Rome, Milan/Oahu and the lowest fare that came up was $1458.5 on American Airlines incl. taxes and fees. Connecting flight is in NYC and requires an overnight stay there.
    I wish I could offer you “buddy passes” on USAirways but summer is peak travel season to Europe. Keep the faith, Girasoli! You will find your ticket to Italy at a good price.


  3. Ah, I hate it when that happens, but I hope you can put the airfare issue behind you and concentrate on your Italy plans.


  4. Girasoli, I just saw your update — yay!!!!! You’ve bought your ticket and you’re good to go!!!!!
    I’m horrified but not surprised by Continental’s sneaky move. Air Canada has done that to me — I’ve seen a great price, then it’s gone the very next day. Very often, it doesn’t come back.
    I think you did the right thing — even if your final ticket fare is $393 more than the seat sale price. Ticket prices are so crazy that there is no telling what will happen next!!!
    I bought my ticket to Rome about a month ago, when Air Canada was offering it for $1,000. I kept checking, and for about a week, it kept showing the same price. Today, I see it has gone up $400. It might change again, but you would drive yourself mad checking and rechecking.
    The important thing, I would argue, is you have your ticket, you have a plan, and you’re saving hundreds of dollars riding the trains (don’t get me started on how much my rental car is costing me — no new shoes this year!)
    I can’t wait to see more of your plans.


  5. Yay, girasoli. Your are good to go!!! Woo-Hoo. I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I think it would be great to include Rome in your trip. It would provide such a wonderful contrast to your other destinations, especially with another two days added to your trip. But this is just me , a Rome lover!


  6. Good news for you! So glad you are feeling good about this and now onward with your planning. Let us know how our itinerary pans out – excited for you..M


  7. menehune, that is what I thought also until I saw that some of the flights were almost completely booked. That must have happened over night while i slept! I am excited too now that I finally have a ticket :)
    Barb, I am really mad at Continental also! I certainly learned my lesson.
    María, I was all over Kayak this morning also. I just couldn’t find any good routes. The flight I usually take is from Honolulu to Newark non-stop. Because it is such a long flight to Italy from Hawaii, I have found that this is really the best flight for me when traveling to Italy. Most of the cheaper fares on Kayak, including American went through LA (shorter flight/less sleep time before having to change planes, worry about short connections, and lost luggage) and other cheaper fares went though Heathrow – a place I avoid. Can’t deal with the 1 bag rule for carry-ons. You are so sweet to even think of offering me a buddy pass. Thank you.
    Marcia, that is just what I plan to do.
    sandra, I am glad you got a good deal. I agree that it was a very sneaky move. I’m sorry to hear about the expensive car rental. I noticed last year that train prices have also increased. I have never done a comparison though.
    candi, I am thinking about it. I will only have one extra day though up front. My other extra day is at the end of my trip, unless I shift my 2 reservations already made, which is a possibility. I am not good with jetlag though and am not sure if Rome will be a good first stop. Have done that before, but enjoyed Rome much more at the end of my trip. Still thinking about it though :)


  8. Mudhooks, I guess I should have been clearer with my little rant. Another airline has been talking about charging to use the bathrooms. I was talking about ridiculous airline charges and practices in general.


  9. Yay you got your ticket! I am sorry you lost the good fare, especially since you were well within the deadline. Argh! But now you have the ticket and we can all have fun following your planning!!


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