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As you can see, I own many books on learning Italian. I seem to have this idea in my head that if I keep buying more books on the Italian language, somehow I will magically become fluent. Of course most of these books end up sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust.


Below you will find some of my Italy guide books. I used Rick Steves during my first two trips to Italy. I then discovered The Rough Guide series and a little later on the Cadogan guide books. Chow Venice was a great help during my last trip to Venice and my Italy, Instructions for Use book provided me with lots of great tips. You might also notice the stack of children’s books on the right side. Every year while in Italy, I purchase a few more books to add to my collection. I usually purchase books that have English counterparts to help me learn the language. Of course most of these also end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I have many of the Junie B Jones series, one Paula Danziger’s books, one of the Baby-Sitters Club books, and a bunch of fairy tale and famous children’s stories. My favorite book though is “Un amico Internet per Valentina” – one of the Valentina books from an Italian series.


Am heading to UH soon to watch my sister swim. Will catch up with everyone later…

19 thoughts on ““book(s)”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Wow! I thought I had quite the collection of Spanish language learning materials, but you have me beat by at least 3 x. :) It sounds like you use your books as often as I use mine. :D


  2. Nice stacks!! I myself have some books on German (from college) and Spanish now because my kids are in Dual Language and they can speak it and read it.


  3. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put a language book under our pillows and learn while we sleep? I bought a set of those “learn Italian in your car” tapes and realized that I’m a visual learner, nothing was sticking. Collecting children’s books is a great idea!
    Hope you’re having a fun weekend!


  4. We took our trip to Italy to see my brother sing in Florence… he was our guide and we had no books. Actually I bought a few, just to have some of the pictures when we got back. I LOVE FLORENCE. Mine is up here.


  5. Hi Girasoli, wow you have a great collection of books! Excellent choices for this week’s theme!
    Have fun cheering on your sis at UH!


  6. Great collections! Your love for Italy shows.
    I have a collection of cookbooks and does not seem to make me cook… similar scenario perhaps? LOL


  7. I recognize a lot of my own books there on your shelf! And hopefully after your upcoming trip you’ll have a few new ones of northern Italy, or the lakes, to add to the collection. I may have told you, there are great travel books in Stresa at the train station, and also at the bookstore in the center of town, a shop called Leone…


  8. Great collections, and the children’s books are a good idea. I’ve done that in French — at least teen books.
    Hope you and your sister had a great weekend!


  9. Nice collection! I recognize many of the books on your shelves. I also have many books on learning Italian and do like the ones with the side-by-side text in English and Italian. Collecting children’s books sounds like fun. I have a couple of comics (fumetti) which are also fun to read.
    Hope you had a great weekend with your sister!
    (a side note: funny to read about my brother’s comment. He’s a big time Italy lover, not only because of our heritage but also because he loves opera. I do have to warn him to avoid writing under the influence of wine. LOL.


  10. Thanks everyone!
    laneerg & Jenny, glad to know I am not the only one that has a lot of language books.
    Marta, I have learned more about places to visit in Italy though Slow Travel and my friends from Italy than from any of those books!
    Annie, wouldn’t it be great if putting one under your pillow would work! Mine are right by my bed (with the thought that perhaps some knowledge from the books will rub off on me while I sleep). I have another shelf devoted to all the language CDs and tapes I have bought over the years!
    srp, a tour guide is always better than a book! Lucky you!! I love Florence also.
    Claudia, I guess if you live here year round, you gotta go somewhere else for a change of scenery. It is always nice returning home though :)
    Kathy, thanks! Even though it was hot and tiring, it was a fun weekend!
    Eden, I also have a shelf of cookbooks and they have not made me a gourmet cook yet either!!
    Leslie, sorry it is getting cold there for you. I forgot you are heading into winter. Brrr!!
    dana, thanks for the tip about the travel books at the train station.
    sandra, I really should move to teen books. It probably is the teacher in my like menehune said.
    jams, thanks!!
    María, thanks for the tip on fumetti. I have read about this comic book before but keep forgetting to look for it while in Italy. Glad you enjoyed your brother’s comment :) I didn’t realize it was written under the influence! I thought he just didn’t proof read that well.
    Carver, I did straighten it up a bit before taking the photo, but the stacks are pretty much as they have been. They are organized that way due to lack of space.


  11. Carin, partly a fan and partly obsessed with buying books! I try to stay out of the language and travel sections now since I have no more room on my bookshelf.
    Chiocciola, if only it worked!


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