arrival in Bologna (2009 TRIP)

Sunday, July 5th:
After a frustrating train experience Lucca to Firenze (train story 2), my train ride from Firenze to Bologna was very pleasant. I sat across from a very nice girl who was traveling in Italy with her family for the first time.

When I arrived in Bologna, the train station was bustling.  The city of Bologna however seemed almost deserted as the taxi drove me to my hotel.   Hardly any cars on the main streets and most of the sbops were closed.  Taxi driver was nice. The fare cost €8.50.

As I checked into my hotel, before even being asked for my passport, I was surprised with a very thoughtful gift from Sandra.  Thank you!! :)

I unpacked and then went out to hang out in Piazza Maggiore (the main piazza).

Italy Trip 2009, Bologna, Italy

I realized that I did not have any lunch. It was a little too early for dinner so I headed over to Grom and ordered my favorite combination – caffe and pistacchio. The gelato was heavenly.

Italy Trip 2009, Bologna, Italy

On Sundays, many restaurants are closed, including the restaurant I had hoped to eat at. Allessandra, one of the very kind women who worked at the front desk at my hotel recommended Zerocinquantuno (051).  This is a new place that opened just three months ago, located right next to the Duomo in Piazza Maggoire.  It is more of a bar but there are also few dinner choices on their menu.

Italy Trip 2009, Bologna, Italy

I ordered my favorite tortelloni burro e salvia & a caprese salad. The prices were very reasonable for a place right by the main piazza with great views.


The bells started to ring while I waited for my food.  An older Italian couple sat at the table next to me. The woman asked me where I was from. They were amazed that I traveled so far and all alone. We had a nice conversation during dinner. My food was just ok. The service was good and the view was wonderful.

I was tired after a long train travel day. I went back to my hotel after dinner and hung out in my hotel, watching TV.

Next up – Monday in Bologna


5 thoughts on “arrival in Bologna (2009 TRIP)

  1. It sounds like a wonderful place, even though restaurants close on Sunday! I suppose they are open for large family lunches??
    Love reading travel journals, wishing you a pleasant vacation, we are off on Wednesday to France.


  2. Girasoli, I’m glad you enjoyed the little gift! I was also looking for lunch when I first arrived at Hotel Orologio a few weeks before you, and the hotel suggested the cafe Zerocinquantuno.
    I loved sitting outside, next the to cathedral, and the waiter was very nice — but he forgot half of my lunch! I ordered a big salad and a cheese board, with pecorino. The cheese came and it was fabulous, and I waited and waited…..and after about 45 minutes, I called him over again and asked for the rest of my lunch. He admitted he forgot and by that point I figured I would go for a gelato instead. (Less healthy, but more fun!)


  3. Hi Girasoli, glad that your train ride to Bologna went well. That was so nice of Sandra to surprise you with a gift. I really miss hearing the sounds of bells in Italy. I almost seem to equate the sounds with being in Italy because they ring so often and they sound so beautiful there.
    Thank you so much for continuing to take the time to share your experiences with us.


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