“free”~ PhotoHunt

These are some of my favorite photos that I have taken recently.

My favorite thing about these photos is how they almost look like I I had the sepia setting set on my camera. I’m not sure how the color worked out this way but I think they come out pretty cool.

I took these photos on the same day and at the same beach as the photos I posted here.

11 thoughts on ““free”~ PhotoHunt

  1. What a great set of photos. I love the variety provided from the same subject. You have given me some ideas for future sunset photo ops.


  2. Hi Girasoli, wow these a really amazing photos. Sunsets are my favorites so great choice for this week’s theme. The clouds make a great effect for the images. Wonderful photos. Have a great weekend!


  3. Gorgeous series of photos — it DOES look as though they were sepia toned! Very unusual.
    They also look quite different from your photos at the same beach taken earlier, I wonder what made the difference?


  4. Gorgeous!! So many of my favourite images in one place – sunset, ocean, cloud formations. Love this series. I’ve had sunset photos come out with a pewter colour that looked cool but was totally accidental, kind of like your sepia look, perhaps something about the way the light reflects off the water affects the photo colouring.


  5. Thanks everyone :)
    Sandra and Anne, I have no idea how they came out this way. I thought at first when looking at my LCD screen on my camera that I had some strange setting set.
    Anne, would love to see your pewter photos.


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