2 hurricanes headed our way! YIKES!!!

It’s been a busy summer! I spent a month in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and then a new school year started a few days after returning to the islands. I have some news to share but need to wait a few more weeks first so stand by!!  I hope to post some photos from my summer soon!

Meanwhile, the big news this week… TWO hurricanes heading our way ~ a back to back double whammy!Iselle is headed straight for the Big Island. Julio is supposed to head just north of us but Iniki was supposed to stay south of us and that did not work out as planned.

Here’s a screen shot of the two hurricanes along with a description courtesy of the Star Advertiser: “This composite satellite image taken about 6:00 p.m. Thursday shows clouds from Hurricane Iselle beginning to move over the Big Island and an approaching Hurricane Julio.”
Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 7.41.11 PM

I am ready with my water, toilet paper, cans of tuna, gas in my car, and batteries and I am very grateful that schools have been canceled tomorrow. I definitely do not want to be out in this storm and don’t want my little ones scared at school away from their families. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

**UPDATE 8~10~14: The Big Island experienced the most damage from Hurricane Iselle. The Puna area may be without power for a while. We were very lucky on Oahu with very minimal damage. Best news is that Hurricane Julio seems to want nothing to do with us! This hurricane is heading north of the islands. Back to school on Monday!

2 thoughts on “2 hurricanes headed our way! YIKES!!!

  1. Hi Girasoli,

    I’ve been reading about the hurricanes. Stay dry and safe. Hope they close the schools until the storms pass by. Good idea to stock up.

    Take care


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