returning to Italy!!

I booked a last minute trip to Italy a couple of weeks ago.

5 nights in Udine
~ While in Udine, I plan to take day trips to Aquileia to see some cool mosaics and Trieste to visit this mysterious city by the sea. I also have plans to meet a friend who also happens to be staying in a little town nearby at the same time I will be there.

4 nights in Treviso
~ I have a day trip to Conegliano planned. Not sure where else I will travel while there, but there are a lot of cool little towns nearby.

6 nights in Modena
~ I have visited both Modena twice during past trips but have have always wanted to stay there to get to know Modena a little better. While there I plan to explore the Emilia-Romagna region a little more. I also hope to travel to Empoli to visit with Francesco & Irene, their 2 children, and his parents. It has been a long time since we have seen each other.

2 nights in Iseo (Lake Iseo)
~ I have spent time in Iseo with Katia & Guido during many of my visits to Italy. This will be the first time I will stay there overnight. I hope it turns out to be a nice day while I am there to take a boat ride along the lake.

Weekend in Coccaglio
~ staying with Katia & Guido and their two little twin boys (whom I have never met) and spending time with her family.

Last night in Venice before flying back home.

Italy Trip 2007, Iseo, Lago d'Iseo, Italy
Iseo, Lago d’Iseo ~ taken in 2007

Next up – I’m off!

2 thoughts on “returning to Italy!!

  1. Hi Susan, how exciting! I’m so looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Your itinerary looks awesome!


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