Italy 2005 ~ Sunday in Spello

Sunday, June 12th

I decided to spend my last day here in Spello exploring this delightful little town. I awoke to cloudy skies. Temperatures were supposed to hit 75 but if they did, it was only for a short time.

As is the case in most hill towns, Spello is a town of many steep hills. I found Spello to be pretty empty today with only a few locals and tourists (mostly Italians) out and about. I wandered around seeing much of the town in just over an hour, taking lots of pictures along the way.

I had a wonderful lunch (a caprese salad and another plate of strongozzi) at il Cacciatore. I sat out on the patio, which overlooked the countryside below.

Italy Trip 2005, Spello, ItalyItaly Trip 2005, Spello, ItalyItaly Trip 2005, Spello, ItalyAfter an afternoon gelato, and more wandering around the town, I went back to my room to pack as this was my last day here in Spello. I also spent a little bit of time on the computer. The hotel had one computer with a two euro charge per connection to the internet which was very convenient.

I am still dealing with a bit of jet lag and so I decided to have a simple dinner of cheese, bread, yogurt, and fruit, which I purchased at various locations in town, and then went to bed early.

Thoughts on my stay in Spello: I had a wonderful time in Spello, however, I would have to say that it was just a little too small of a town as a place to spend a few nights. I definitely did not regret one day of my stay there, but I probably would not return for another three or four night stay. I thought the town was fun to explore, the views were beautiful, the people were all so friendly and it was very peaceful. There were also many excellent restaurants to choose from, but I felt that I pretty much saw it all in two days. There were only a few shops to explore and after a day or two, I felt that there was not much else to do. I would however like to return someday during the flower festival if I ever get the chance to travel in May.

I am not a nightlife person and usually head back to my hotel after dinner and so the nightlife is never part of my impression of a place I visit. Perhaps it was because I just arrived in Italy and wanted to explore, explore, explore or that I was traveling solo? The nice thing about Spello, besides the wonderful hospitality, was that there were only a few tourists there in early June. As far as it being a home base for day trips, it worked out fine for me. I did not mind the walk to the train station.

I loved staying at Hotel Palazzo Bocci; best hotel this trip and one of the top hotels overall that I have stayed in while in Italy (I rarely stay in 4 star hotels but the price was right and I thought it would be a splurge for my first few days in Italy). The people at the desk were so friendly and helpful and the room was very comfortable. I highly recommend this hotel!

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